KITE 2023 - A Weekend Of Unforgettable Music, Thought-provoking Cultural Experiences, And Delightful New discoveries.

A glorious weekend at Kirtlington Park saw some of the world's greatest minds and talented musicians join forces for a festival of Ideas and Music like no other. 

The all-star music lineup, which included Hot Chip, Suede, and Pretenders, ensured old favourites and modern classics alike were represented throughout the weekend. 

While the rich Ideas bill included Sir John Major, Dame Joan Collins, George The Poet and Alastair Campbell, who in their sessions imparted pearls of wisdom and recounted gripping anecdotes. From thought-provoking discussion on the cultural

tensions surrounding the commercialisation of rap and gangsta rap, to astute observations on politics, language and mental health.

The three-day extravaganza wrapped up with 10,000 attendees, with plans for 2024 already underway...